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CACP - #31 - Adventures in Doggy Sitting

Adventures in Doggy Sitting – For this week’s episode we are joined by the always witty and always zany, Naughty Nanny Wendy.  Who, quite frankly this week is full of piss and vinegar.  As this episode title suggests, she shares her adventures with her furry house guest.  Apparently canines were not covered at Nanny University.

Joey is still going strong with his diet but desperately wants to be invited to Aarti’s Party.  Marc finally got his new couch but no sex please.  Clear liquids only.  And apparently having bats in the belfry is hereditary.  Well, at least for Matt’s family.  In addition this week’s news is filled with naughty animals.  So relax Wendy; it’s probably just a full moon.

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Music in this week's episode includes Material Girl performed by Madonna  Available on iTunes!

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There’s More Than One Way to Marinate a Cat!

In this mile stone installment we start off with our very own locally grown bizarre news story.  What goes better with cat, white or red wine?  This episode proves to be all about the boys (well mostly).  Joey shares his first week results of 52 by 32 and nearly has it out with his very own Mrs. Claxton, Marc is getting his new sofa…but doesn’t have a gentleman to share it with, but he’s so over it, and Matt was saved from a bird, bat, or monster attacked by his knight in shining armor.  This is a land mark episode not to be missed!

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Lifestyles of the Rich and Boring - #29   No more wedding bell blues in the state of California.  Prop Hate has been ruled unconstitutional, for now.  However the celebs are keeping the crazy going.  Fantasia destroyed a straight marriage and made a sex tape as proof, Justin Beiber was hit in the head finally, Rod Stewart is having another child at 102 years of age, don't piss off Jet Blue, they've had enough,  the government is so broke that they are shaking down lemonade stands, and Mel Gibson's dad claims the Pope is gay.  The apple doesn't fall very far from the tree!  Join us for all this lunacy and more!

P.S. Please just sign in at the door!

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I’ll Remember This Always!  After a 2 week hiatus, the Cream Puffs have returned for Season 2 refreshed and renewed.  During their well deserved vacations Joey, Matt and Wendy attended the Rochester Pride meeting and recruiting Creamies while Marc was singing for his pizza at the Italian Festival.  Matt survived a tornado or three; Marc is still learning that there is no place like a new home and Joey is chasing munchkins around Oz with a big board with a rusty nail in it.  Also check out our jam packed Celebrity Reach Around, Lindsay and Ricky and Mel, oh my!

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