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CACP - #85 - I've Been Downsized

This week love is in the air as two very special Cream Puff siblings get engaged (not to each other), Marc has his six month aversary and Joey gets licked by a cow.  Laugh along with Joey, Marc and Wendy as the also introduce a new show sponsor that is sure to get you off.

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CACP - #84 - I Don't Do Blow Jobs!

I Don't Do Blow Jobs! - We may not have Marc this week but we have something even better, Dame Betsy Carmichael returns after a stunning run in the West End.  This week Wendy just can’t seem to take out the trash, Joey starts a “new” job but in the meanwhile is temping as a dog short order cook, Matt announces in the paper he is not getting married, the Desperate Housewives have one more card game, Joan Rivers shares the secrets to her success and the studio is filled with sexual tension.

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CACP - #83 - Wendy's Big Reveal

Wendy's Big Reveal - This week’s episode is like none you have ever heard before.  The inmates have taken over and Marc is in the Captain’s chair.  Filled with format changes, a review of Jim Steinman music, Lucy Fest, dead babies, and a stunning realization by the Naughty Nanny Wendy.  This is truly an episode with something for everyone or one really messed up individual.


This episode contains the song Total Eclipse of the Heart performed by The Glee Cast available for download through the amazon link on

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CACP - #82 - The Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter – A brand new season 4 with the same old arguments.  This week we explore family trees as Joey desperately tries to establish himself as the Crown Prince of Hungary and Matt brings a familiar face to his Grandmother.  Marc meanwhile is meeting fans in public; just not his directly and we discover our inner voice.  Additionally we discuss the death of Grammy Award winning artist, Amy Winehouse, the brutal butterfly attack on HRH Princess Beatrice, and Miley Cyrus giving the gays the finger. 

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CACP - #81 - Recovery Mode on Stage Act 2

Recovery Mode on Stage Act 2 - This is a recording of the July 17th, 2011 closing night performance of Recovery Mode.  Recovery Mode is a comedy by Matthew Burlingame based on the spoken word piece of the same name by Matthew Crehan Higgins.  This production was presented by Buffalo United Artists and directed by Joey Bucheker featuring Matthew Crehan Higgins as Matt, Victoria Perez as Susan, Marc Sacco as Marc, Gary Andrews as Tom, and Sean Murphy as John/Adam.

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