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CACP - #51 - Reflections of 2010

Reflections of 2010The Cream Puffs this week shared their magical Christmas adventures and reflected on the Best of 2010.   

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CACP - #50 - Our First Christmas...Special!

Our First Christmas...Special - Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of our devoted Creamies around the World.  At this special time of the year the Cream Puffs have come together to share their favorite Christmas songs and to debut a new one you all will love.

All of the songs on this week's episode are available on iTunes or through the Amazon link on our website.

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CACP - #49 - And the Winners Are...Not Us

And the Winners Are...Not Us - Thank you to everyone who supported and voted for us for this year's Podcast Awards.  It was an honor to be nominated.  Congratulations to Savage Love, winner for GLBT and to Tell'em Steve Dave, winner of People's Choice.  Now back to business as usual!

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Happy Festivus - This week Joey embraces that special holiday of Festivus and airs his grievances against his closest and dearest friends.  Basically it's a bitchfest but, if you don't let it'll explode. 

Happy 31st Birthday to Matt and thank you to everyone who vote for us in the Podcast Awards.

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CACP - #47 - Driving Miss Wendy

Driving Miss Wendy – As the title suggests, the Naughty Nanny is back and driving slower than ever as she gets lost throughout the world.  In addition we dive into celebrity reach around with Madonna, Angelina, Aretha, Elton, and Britney.  No last names needed.  Also is this the final straw for Brian Dunkleman?  I know, Brian who?

Remember Creamies, Voting closes DECEMBER 15TH, vote now, vote daily for the Podcast Awards

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CACP - #46 - Inside the BOXX

Inside the BOXX – This week we bring you a special bonus episode featuring the hardest working Drag Queen in America!  She was awarded Miss Congeniality on Ru Paul’s Drag Race Season 2 and was a Professor on Drag U, PANDORA BOXX!

Creamies please remember to vote daily at for Cocktails and Cream Puffs in the categories of PEOPLE’S CHOICE and GLBT.  We need you!

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CACP - # 45 - Celebration!

Celebration! – We want to thank you, our listeners.  We are celebrating because we have been nominated for BEST GLBT and the top prize of PEOPLE’S CHOICE for the 6th annual Podcast Awards.  Voting runs Dec 1st-15th.  Vote early, vote often!

This week we are joined by our dear friend Chrissy for some cocktails and cattiness (hmm perhaps a spin off?).  This episode is filled with concerts, family, quitting smoking, celebrities in caskets, and bathing suits accenting the pride of once…um, nation.

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