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How much would you be willing to pay for a seat to the Supreme Court as they hear arguments for Prop 8 and the Defensive Marriage Act?  FYI, you could get a pair of Madonna tickets cheaper.  A bit of Gay News of a boy burned to death reminds us of what we are fighting for.

Also, Wendy has a rant, Joey is exhausted and IF...

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Really do you need much more than the title?  If so, we have listener questions, dead car batteries and iPads playing possum.

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With the recent announcement of Pope Francis the First we present to you "Catholic Chat" including the Vatican's recent purchase of Italy's largest gay bath house.  This is sure to help their image. 

Prince Harry has a very open mind, The Queen does not say hello or goodbye, Wendy gives her side of the story and Mike Lawson does it again.

Remember, bullying comes in many forms.  Be aware and be better than.

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What could possibly be more fun than Joey and Donna Suggarz in the Big Apple?  Broadway, booze, boys and lots of laughter.  It was truly a Wicked time.

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White smoke is flowing out of the Cocktails and Cream Puffs Studio and that can only mean one thing...the #1 Creamie for 2013 has been chosen!  To make this celebration even better we were joined by a special "surprise" guest and answer your Creamie questions.

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If you could have anyone is the world as a "free pass", who would you choose?  In this episode the boys fight over the same toy, discuss their postpartum theater depression and give some task results of the #1 Creamie for 2013.

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This episode we recap the event formerly known as the Academy Awards.  What did you think of Seth Mac Far lane, did he go too far or not far enough?  Where you surprised with any of the winners?  Who wore it best?  As a tribute to movie musicals, was it the Gayest Oscars of all time?  Finally, are you Team Joey or Team Marc on your opinion of Kristen Stewart at the Oscars?  So many questions, so little time.

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