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The boys are still on a long needed between season vacation but in the meantime we present to you an informative interview that was conducted at the Rochester Pride Festival this past summer with a fantastically interesting individual named Schadenfreude from the Rochester Kink Society.

Also, thoughts on the recent change in policy to allow gays into the Boy Scouts of America.

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The Cream Puffs will be back to kick off Season 7 LIVE on at 8pm ET on February 4th.

To find out more about The Rochester Kinky Society visit  

Music from this episode includes: Schadenfreude for the original Broadway Cast recording of Avenue Q

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Does anyone still use poppers are have Rush, Purple Haze, Liquid Gold and the rest gone the way of the hanky code?   What do you think are the gayest cities in America for 2013?  Joey has an admirer at the gym, Wendy had a pair of kings and  Marc is type A,  but who really is surprised about that?

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Whatever happen to the customer service experience?  Is it our own fault that businesses treat us like cattle?  Can we ever get back to the days of "Thank you, come again"?

Jodi Foster publically announced she was gay at the Golden Globes but it was about so much more than that.  Anderson Cooper has become the new crusader the Big Apple needs and Lance Armstrong has finally admitted to doping...too little, too late.

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The winners of the 2012 People's Choice Podcast Awards have been announced.   Let's just say, it's an honor to be nominated.   Thank you to everyone who supported us and voted.  We are very appreciative. 

Just when you think reality TV has done it all, TLC has come out with new reality show entitled, "Best Funerals Ever".  When it's your time to go what do you want?  Anything special?  One of the Creamies wants a parade, one wants bag pipes and one wants to create the soundtrack.  Can you guess which is which?

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For our first show of 2013 we decided we would take the time and do a public service for all of our young gay and straight Creamies out there and break the old and new "hanky code".  Be very careful, just one hue off and you will end up with something you did not bargain for!

Also, some New Year's fabulosity, Fucking Men photos, and Buffalo has a new comedy club!

For you Creamies in the Buffalo area or who can get to the Buffalo area for this Saturday, January 11th we have a pair (maybe two) of tickets to give away to see comedian Tammy Pescatelli from the Tonight Show and Last Comic Standing.  All you have to do is either call 716-989-0189 or email to claim the tickets.  As of now they are still in my hand!

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Join the Naughty Nanny Wendy and Ms. Donna Suggarz as they usher in 2013 and kick 2012 out on it's ass! 

Happy New Year everyone.  May 2013 be filled with happiness, health, prosperity, and laughter.

AND a Fuck Two Dollars T-shirt.  Last Chance to Order!

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Does the flipping of the calendar motivate you?  Is it a reset or a fresh start or just another day?  As 2012 draws to a close and we welcome in a new year filled with hopes, promises, and disappointments, the Cream Puffs reflect on "New Years" past, in addition to sharing their holiday adventures. 

Put your Christmas money to good use and order your Limited Edition Fuck Two Dollars t-shirt.

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