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CACP - #345 - It's Not All Parades and Festivals
We start off this week’s episode with a “choose your own adventure” that instantly became really dark, really fast.   Poor Wendy….    We also explore what defines a hate crime and why it’s not okay to ruin other people’s possessions.   Also, The Taste of Buffalo, mystery bruises, the Pride48 Las Vegas Expo and so much more!
Hey Creamies to help raise money for the Pride48 Las Vegas Expo there is currently an auction for fabulous hand painted ornaments.   Go over there and show some love for the Cocktails and Cream Puffs ornament.
And it’s not too late to join us in Las Vegas.   Go to and check out the great deals!
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CACP - #344 - Leave Paula Alone!

So much drama in the world.... Jared the Subway Guy has a in store stand in while the FBI checks out his computers, Pearl's necklace maker is released on the internet and 5 year old Paula Deen picture is retweeted and America once again chases her with pick axes and torches. "Oh, Beautiful..."

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CACP - #343 - Happy Birthday America

Our celebration of Independence Day complete with illegal fireworks and marshmallows...but no graham crackers.  No one was harmed in the making of this podcast...but pretty damn close.

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CACP - #342 - A Nation Divided

We are a nation divided; Republican/Democrat, gay/straight, North/South, Donna/Joey...however this week thanks to the Supreme Court of the United States we took a step closer to "Liberty and Justice for All".

This episode contains contains a large heated discussion about liberties and freedoms and where do we draw the line...if we draw a line at all?

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CACP - #341 - The Village idiot

Our broadcast fro the Pride48 LIVE Summer Event 2015! / Our broadcast fro the Pride48 LIVE Summer Event 2015!

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CACP - #340 - Where's Donna?

A stressful week trying to remount the tighter and brighter Betsy Carmichael's Late Nite Bingo.  Everything else is a blur.

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