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CACP - #371 - #Sodomite

We start of with a discussion of the current election circus.  Can anyone say send in the clowns?  Next we move on to an article that claims that Buffalo is the most homophobic city in the country.  Who's to blame? And will she admit to it?   Finally, the proper way to celebrate St. Paddy's Day.

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CACP - #370 - You're Not the Messiah

Where has Richard Simmons been? Is he really under the control of his housekeeper? Wendy was felt up at church as Donna dazzled audiences and Joey lost track of his clothes. Col. Sanders was topless whilst tossing fried chicken to bar patrons and Judge Judy is a-suin! All of this and more on this week's episode.


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CACP - #369 - Beating a Dead Black Horse

This week we are even gayer by adding showtunes!  Our review of the Oscars.  I understand why there were so many black presenters but having them present the white folk with their gold statues seems like they missed the point.  Joey remembers Mildred, Wendy got her groove back and Donna can't wait to kill Christ.

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An episode filled with sadness, loss, alcoholism, theatrics, blood, gore and a beautiful stranger!

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