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CACP - # 75 - After a Small Struggle

After a Small Struggle -This has been one of the most involved weeks ever with the Cream Puffs spending EVERY day together. It was just like college days except Matt is thin, Joey is fat, and everyone has less hair and more laugh lines. But, just like college days. Listen as they discuss the battle for New York Marriage Equality as it continues to drag on in the NYS Senate, the East Coast Premier of Recovery Mode just days away and, some obvious police brutality of a suspect.

If at the time of this broadcast the New York State Marriage Equality bill has not reached the State Senate, please contact undecided Sen. Mark Grisanti and tell him to VOTE YES to Marriage Equality. 518-455-3240


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Beware of Cougars – This week the Cream Puffs started with one of the biggest, bulging, and probing news stories, Weiner Gate.  They then shared a re-cap of their week’s including Buffalo Gay Pride 2011, cougar attacks, rehearsals, angry birds, and another podcaster dedicating and entire episode to ranting about Joey’s marketing methods.  Actually, he calls it a rant; if he listened to this show he would understand what a real rant is!

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If three's company and four's a crowd, what is five?  Well, this may give you an idea.  Do not try this at home.  This week as the Cream Puffs prepare for Buffalo Pride, they are joined once again by Gary Andrews from last year and the Naughty Nanny Wendy.  Some of you may recall that the last time Wendy and Gary were face to face, she shot him and pushed him down the stairs. 

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CACP - #72 - Nick Loves Lucy

Nick Loves Lucy - This week begins with some chilling Tornado audio and then goes into the usual bitchery including; rehearsals, sex, celebrities, arguing, diets, moo moos, food, trips, and of course Lucille Ball.  What more could you possibly ask for?  Happy Gay Pride Month Creamies!

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