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I Think We're Alone Now - This week we are thrilled to have the opportunity to interview and see the original Princess of Pop, 80's teen pop idol and, number one charting recording artist, TIFFANY!

In the episode we feature music by Tiffany including: I Think We're Alone Now, If Only, and All This Time.  All of which are available on iTunes or

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CACP - #43 - Discomboobulated

Discomboobulated - This week’s episode is all over the place as the title alludes to.  The boys start with an actual serious topic discussing the continuing inequalities for gays in this Country but quickly they move over into their usual array of insanity.  These include Joey shucking and jiving for nominations, Matt being over NYC, Marc sees another boy, blushes and running away again, a crazy lady becomes a star on her daddy’s advice, Madonna thanks the gays,  and Wendy is in jail and liking the attention.

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CACP - #42 - Make it Happen!

Make it Happen! Nominations are open for the 2010 Podcast Awards.  For your consideration go to and please nominate Cocktails and Cream Puffs for Best GLBT and People’s Choice.  Only you can MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Music in this episode includes:

Make it Happen performed by Mariah Carey

Kind of Woman from "Pippin" performed by Jill Claybourgh


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CACP - #41 - A Diamond in the Rump

A Diamond in the Rump - This week we are joined once again by everyone’s favorite Naughty Nanny, Wendy and discuss Adult Truths, McDonald’s and people hiding things where they do not belong.  Babies are big this week in the Celebrity Reach Around.  Mariah Carey finally admits to being pregnant, Celine Dion shares a startling truth about her recent pregnancy and Charlie Sheen is acting like a baby! 

This week we also announced that November 7th will kick of this year’s Podcast People’s Choice Awards Nominations.  For your consideration, please nominate Cocktails and Cream Puffs,  Best GLBT Podcast for 2010.  Please visit any time after November 7th until November 21st and nominate us!  We are nothing without you and would be honored by your nomination.

Music from this episode includes Charlie Brown Christmas for Mariah Carey's new album Merry Christmas II U

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