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CACP - #315 - It's Like Pudding...

Joey's Mom and his younger gay brother are in the studio and all hell breaks loose.  Really there's nothing more to be said except buckle up, it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

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Worlds have collided....This week Joey has on special guest and friend to the show, Joe Betance from the Catching Up Podcast!

The Joe's discussed:

-Gay P.D.A. on television.   Acceptable or over the top?

-The Oscar nominations.  Is it a problem that it is a mostly white year or is the Huffington Post stirring shit up?

-Fleas.  I'm scratching just thinking about it.

-A theatrical reading of Donna Suggarz's Facebook manifesto

...and so much more.

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CACP - #313 - Grab That Dough

A "getting to know you" episode as we debut on the new RainbowRadio.FM

Joey went on a game show and competed against a “fascinating” team…no really it was like something out of a sitcom…really!

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The Golden Globe winners are in and this year was pretty gay.  Speaking of gay, we engaged in a surprise talk about Disney and discover that it’s Donna Suggarz true passion in life.  Also, listener feedback, the Supreme Cream and some people just can’t take a joke.

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CACP - #311 - My Weekly Flagellation

It’s the last LIVE show of Season 10 which is apparent by the annual in-studio knife fight…it’s time for a break! 

In this episode Wendy’s death is pitched as the next Season of Serial.  Spoiler alert Joey did it.  Wendy is soon to be a home owner (so Joey would profit from her death) and everyone is getting ready for the work holiday party aka “The Freak Show”.

Je suis Charlie!


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CACP - #310 - There's Only Room for One Donna

The Serial podcast has exposed podcasts to the masses, but at what cost and at whose expense?  Joey discusses his psychopathic “friend” and his murderous neighbor, Big Silly Homo has returned and the News is back!

Music from this episode includes Causing a Commotion performed by Madonna from the Who's That Girl Soundtrack, available for download on Amazon.


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CACP - #309 - 2 Liters of Lube

The Holidays are over and everything has been put away.  It’s time to get back to some normalcy, whatever that is.  In this episode we discuss Wendy and Joeys trip to see the hilarious Jim Norton of the Opie and Anthony Show in a potential fire trap, the man built to “dp”, an unlikely package in the mail, and the tragic death of a transgender teen and how can we try to help prevent this in the future.  Like I said, back to normal.

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CACP - #308 - Creamin' in the New Year 2015

It’s Cocktails and Cream Puffs 4th Annual "Creamin' in the New Year".  Join Joey, Wendy and Donna as they ring in 2015, twice!

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CACP - #307 - Christmas Recovery

We survived Christmas and have some great presents and stories to show for it!  Food, violent games, Into the Woods and Gary’s Christmas Miracle.

Music from this episode includes Tell Him performed by Bette Midler from her new album It's the Girls available on Amazon.

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