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For those of you who did not hear us LIVE this year from the Luxor Hotel in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada for the Pride 48 weekend, here's your chance.  The show is truly a technical train wreck, but hey we lived and learned and had the time of our lives. 

PS Please don't adjust your speed at the beginning, Joey IS speaking a mile a minute and some.


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CACP - #94 - Confessions

Ten years ago, Buffalo United Artists presented a staged reading of Confessions, an original play by then 21-year-old Matthew Crehan Higgins about the no holds barred experiences of young gay men on the verge of adulthood. The popular play spawned a holiday themed sequel, and a revised version became the most honored offering at the 2004 National Gay & Lesbian Theatre Festival, taking honors as Best Ensemble Cast, Best Director, Best New Play, and Best of the Festival.

On this anniversary, Buffalo United Artists presented a one night reading featuring original cast members Brant Adamczyk, Paul Kenjarski, and Matthew Crehan Higgins, joined by Gary Andrews and Matthew Mooney in a benefit for The Trevor Project - the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth.

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Team Cream Puff is about to face off on Family Feud in Rochester this upcoming weekend and thanks to an iPhone app they are able to attempt to brush up their skills and later have a family feud of their own.  By the way, unless the answer is deaf or hearing impaired related, Matt will not be in the fast money round.  This week we also discuss Wendy’s great move, the Rat Pack, theatre etiquette, and how a post on Facebook can open a world of dialogue and of course a little rant about the Podcast Awards.  To everyone who is continuing to vote for us, THANK YOU.  Voting ends Wednesday.  Let’s finish strong.

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This is another week with only two of the boys, someday we’ll be together, yes we will, yes we will.  Thanks to all of you we are pleased and honored to announce that we have been nominated again this year for the Podcast Awards in the categories of People’s Choice and GLBT.  THANK YOU for your support and congrats to the other nominees.

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The 2011 Podcast Award Voting starts today!

Please visit and VOTE Cocktails and Cream Puffs for People' s Choice and GLBT and Greeting from Nowhere for General. 

Vote Daily and Make it Happen!  Thank you.

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Liza's Back! - October kicks off National Gay Pride Month and what a better way than to scream from the mountain tops “Liza’s back and she’s better than ever”.  This week Joey is over joyed having the outstanding good fortune to see the ever fabulous Liza (that’s with a Z) Minnelli.  Also this installment we review the top ten TV theme songs as voted on by Rolling Stone Magazine and also add about a dozen more that they clearly omitted.  Matt shares a touching story of devotion having recently seen another gay icon in concert, K.D. Lang.  We also explore the top ten grossing celebrities of the year, discuss Alexis Stewart’s new tell all book ala Mommie Dearest and breaking news, the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs has succumbed to cancer.

This episode is sponsored by Amazon.  For all your shopping needs go to our link at including this episodes closing song “My Own Best Friend” performed by Liza Minnelli from her album Liza’s at the Palace.

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