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As Hurricane Sandy was pounding the East Coast, we had our first weekly LIVE show on Pride 48.  Thank you to everyone who joined us in the chat room.  You can join us LIVE too every Monday at 8pm EST/5pm EST at

This episode we shared ghost stories, tried to find any documentation that Wendy exists, and Joey asked you to stand by your President, whomever it may be.

The BIG ANNOUNCEMENT is we were honored by our dedicated listeners and for a third year in a row we were nominated for the Podcast Awards in the categories of GLBT and People's Choice overall.  We are excited and overwhelmed to be the ONLY GLBT show nominated in the top prize this year.

Voting opens November 1st.  Please vote daily at and THANK YOU!

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Congrats all

Both Key West ghost stories we discussed can be found at and many more.

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Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat!  The hell with Halloween and Thanksgiving, Cocktails and Cream Puffs has begun to issue their Guide to Gift Giving 2012.  Not sure what to send for the holidays?  Well, how about a heifer, or a goat, or better yet an alpaca! 

Starting October 29th Cocktails and Cream Puffs will be recording LIVE shows on Monday nights at 8pm EST/5pm PST on  Come join in the fan and sign in the chat room.

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Join Giusèppe, Marcello, and Peter this week as they debate the debates and politics, discuss the merits of working as a zumba instructor by day and a hooker by night, and why domestic violence and black face should not be played for laughs at a high school prep rally.


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An international study was conducted to see if there was any truth to stereo types regarding men's penis size. It turns out the answer is yes. The U.S. didn't fare as well as we hoped but the Cream Puffs sure measured up.

Marc took a class in cake decorating, Matt reunited with an old friend, Wendy is still trying to ditch her can, and Joey films a movie as a wolf.

Sadly, Joey and Kevin had to say goodbye to their fur baby Izzy. She will be remembered in our hearts always.


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This week we claim to finally wrap up the Pride 48 weekend memories, announce a new contest and basically beg for people to nominate us for the Podcast Awards, which can be done at in the categories of People's Choice and GLBT.

We also share our thoughts on the musicals, Billy Elliot and Carrie, have some TV talk, and is it appropriate for an adult to sleep with a blanket?

Music in this episode includes My Blanket and Me from You're a Goodman, Charlie Brown performed by B.D. Wong

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This week's episode is packed with memories and stories of our phenomenal Pride 48 weekend in Las Vegas.  Unfortunately, words cannot fully express the magnitude of the outstanding friendships we formed and strengthened.  Save your pennies and join us next September.  You won't regret it.'s that time again to pledge your allegiance to who you think should be the king or queen rather of GLBT podcasting.  Please go to and nominate Cocktails and Cream Puffs in the categories of People's Choice and GLBT.  Your support in greatly needed and appreciated.


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