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CACP - #267  Naughty Pictures

Marriage equality is popping up all over the United States faster than spring wild flowers.  Where will be next? 

The Tea Party attempts to over throw the government again but it must be done quickly....they have work tomorrow.

News, our weeks and a listener sends fantasies with naughty pictures!

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CACP - #266 - Can You Taste the Chocolate?

Just because we know how much you love to listen to people eat; we kick off this episode with a Mystery Dorito taste test. 

Which one of the new demo flavors is your favorite? 

What did you think about the kiss seen around the world?  Is it really a big deal or has it been completely blown out of proportion? 

And Mother’s Day….ours included brunch, radio contests, screaming and fire arms.  How about yours?

If you would like to send words of condolences to Marc Sacco, please send to or to PO Box 1334  Buffalo, NY 14226.

Rest in Peace Michele Sacco.  You will be forever in our hearts.

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CACP - #265 - Pour Some Suggarz on Me

After making their cross country journey from California to New York we are joined by Mama and Daddy Suggarz in studio!  Find out all about their trip and how Donna really was as a small child.   That’s love when your parents transport your wigs and a box of porn.

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CACP - #264 - Out in the Army

This week we bring you an interview with James Wharton, a former soldier and author of Out in the Army: My Life as a Gay Soldier

Joining the army at 16, James spent ten years in the Household Cavalry serving both ceremonially in the capital and operationally in Iraq. During his decade of service, He was instrumental in the change of attitude towards LGBT people in the British military, becoming the first ever gay person to appear on the front cover of Soldier magazine.

To learn more about James Wharton visit his site and be sure to purchase his book Out in the Army: My Life as a Gay Soldier available as of today in the United States thru our Amazon link at

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In this episode Joey apologies for his lack of a “spoiler alert” on a past episode but asks the question when is it appropriate to discuss a “spoiler”.

Also The Game of Thrones television series accidentally spoiled The Game of Thrones the book.  Sarah Palin is screaming about something again and X-Men director, Bryan Singer’s alleged under age sexy pool parties.

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Against all odds Godspell is finally open…Christ has risen and will continue to do so 4 nights a week.  This episode is a lot of behind the scenes theatre talk, waxing...they say a picture is worth a thousand words but only one comes to mind and it begins with a B and your Cre-Mails!!!

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