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This week Wendy brought in her apparatus from home for Joey to experience.  Get your heads out of the gutter it's not what you think, it's worse.  Las Vegas, Auntie Bess, and a special guest for The News.

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Something interesting happened in Siberia. A very shitty cruise vacation.  Prison in Australia is redundant.  Canada doesn't have the balls and Old Queens.  Now Discuss

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Ever send a picture of your naughty bits to a stranger and then instantly regret it because you know you have become a part of a collection that he shares with anyone who asks?   Don't you wish it would just self destruct secret agent style right after they look at it?  Well, we may have the perfect app for you.

This week contains a merriment of topics including:  personal sex tapes, the Grammys, another night of comedy, family members doing the same thing we did at their age and congrats to Marc and You Tube sensation Sweet Brown on their new jobs.

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This is the week of holidays with Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras, Lent, and Valentine's Day upon us.  What are you giving up for Lent?  It appears the Catholic Church is giving up the Pope.  Joey decided to go big chocolate and booze is for wimps, he's giving up masturbation.  What could be more Catholic than denying yourself enjoyment?  Matt dazzles us with the Six Seasons of Shopping, and Marc contends with an upstaging Diva Spider.

Hey did you get your Valentine a gift?  It's not too late.  Click on the Amazon link at and you can have a gift certificate sent to your loved one's email in a snap.  No stores, no lines, no stress, lots of love!

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As we blow out the candles celebrating our 3rd year, we want to take this time to thank everyone who has come back week after week and taken this journey with us.  We are very grateful to your devotion and look forward to continuing our adventures together.

This week began with Fucking Men just as every episode should.  Wendy claims she didn't look at any naughty bits but we all know the truth.  She also shared her new mantra and how she is trying to find a balance between moist and dry.  Joey completed work on the film "Give and Take" and is to direct Les Miserables in the fall.  However, after taking a Creamie call he may begin to workshop a new women's rights musical, "RvW".  A very special NYC "meet and greet" has been announced and the News should offend everyone, especially Asians.

The #1 Creamie contest is heating up.  Be sure to show support for your candidate and help them take the crown.  Oh yes, there will be a crown.

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We've made it to SEASON 7!  Well, half of us have made it.

The Super Bowl (which we are told is some type of sporting event) has come and gone and the long anticipated commercials were so lack luster that we had to actually watch the game.  What is this world coming to?  Beyonce's half time show looked great but the sound was dreadful.  This is why people lip-sync.  Who do you think did it better, Madonna or Beyonce and which member of Destiny's Child kicked out the extension cord?

Fucking Men has finally had its New York premier and Wendy was shocked that there was so much fucking, which is understandable.  The title is so misleading.

Finally and most importantly the contestants for the #1 Creamie for 2013 contest have been announced and given their first task.  Let the hunger games begin and may the fiercest bitch win!

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