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Extortion, sniffles, wrong place at the wrong time, a KFC Crisis, NYC plans and the Redhead manifesto.

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Donna takes a Delta Sonic disco nap, Wendy explores a dating app, introducing Reuben, Felicity and Nova  and Joey is giving up swearing.

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Wendy gets a house call from the Cocktails and Cream Puffs, Chief Medical Officer and is educated on how to improve her diet.  Also, Joey and Donna took a day trip to Pittsburgh preparing for Betsy's Bingo Palace invasion of the PGH and were Joey and Toppie in a strip contest together?

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As we brace for the impending snow storm we decide to warm with our newest guilty pleasure….FEUD: Joan vs. Bette!

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Auditions, car troubles, phone etiquette and special guest, Taylor the Latteboy from The Taffy & Friends Show!

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