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CACP - #80 - Recovery Mode on Stage Act 1

Recovery Mode on Stage Act 1 - This is a recording of the July 17th, 2011 closing night performance of Recovery Mode.  Recovery Mode is a comedy by Matthew Burlingame based on the spoken word piece of the same name by Matthew Crehan Higgins.  This production was presented by Buffalo United Artists and directed by Joey Bucheker featuring Matthew Crehan Higgins as Matt, Victoria Perez as Susan, Marc Sacco as Marc, Gary Andrews as Tom, and Sean Murphy as John/Adam.

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CACP - #79 - Friends

Friends -This week’s bonus episode is a bonus in every sense of the word since we are joined by the absolutely fabulous Christina Hill from Greetings from Nowhere.  This episode also veers from the traditional format since it is one big discussion celebrating our adventures with Christina including; Niagara Falls, Buffalo wings, the Rochester Gay Pride Parade, and the Casa de Kangaroo and so much more plus questions from Creamies.

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You Must Be This Tall to Ride - This episode is filled with murder, intrigue, accusations, espionage, and lots of drama, which coincidentally is exactly the ending to season 3 we were hoping for.  Not to mention that the Boys were joined by special guests, Naughty Nanny Wendy, Liza, First Lady Michelle Obama, the big JC himself and most importantly we had a visit from our most devoted Creamie, Tom V from California. 

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CACP - #77 - Come to My Garden

Come to My Garden - This week it’s just the two of us since Marc checked himself into Betty Ford.  Fear not two can have just as much fun as three, well in podcasting at least.   In this episode Joey shares his new obsession  with Priscilla the Queen of the Desert – the Musical, Matt is eternally thankful for his latest theatrical endeavor and it’s just one week until Christina, host of Greetings from Nowhere joins the boys in Buffalo.  Be sure to check out the newest LGBT podcast, This Week in Gay and P.S. never over pay for a hotdog.

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CACP - #76 - The Rise of Mothra

The Rise of Mothra – This week New York State became the 6th state in the country to pass marriage equality., the East Coast premiere of Recovery Mode has opened in Buffalo, and Marc has survived a life threatening attack.  Thank God for his knight in shining honor Nick.  All this and barking cats, horse fuckers, and caddy turned hookers.  Four!

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