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CACP - #31 - Adventures in Doggy Sitting

Adventures in Doggy Sitting – For this week’s episode we are joined by the always witty and always zany, Naughty Nanny Wendy.  Who, quite frankly this week is full of piss and vinegar.  As this episode title suggests, she shares her adventures with her furry house guest.  Apparently canines were not covered at Nanny University.

Joey is still going strong with his diet but desperately wants to be invited to Aarti’s Party.  Marc finally got his new couch but no sex please.  Clear liquids only.  And apparently having bats in the belfry is hereditary.  Well, at least for Matt’s family.  In addition this week’s news is filled with naughty animals.  So relax Wendy; it’s probably just a full moon.

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Music in this week's episode includes Material Girl performed by Madonna  Available on iTunes!

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