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CACP - #63 - From the Cutting Room Floor

From the Cutting Room Floor - Outtakes and deleted scenes from seasons 1 thru 3.

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CACP - #62 - Technical Difficulties

Technical Difficulties - The title clearly says it all.  This week we recorded the show in the morning hours of the day and apparently the recording equipment planned on sleeping in.  Listen to Joey's pre-cruise plans and Chris Brown rant.  Matt's confusion about the adoption process and Marc's two timing waitress.

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CACP - #61 - Did I Mention These Cookies are Delicious?

Did I Mention These Cookies are Delicious? - We asked and you came through.  Our box was so stuffed it was overflowing and it felt good.  Now we have one more favor from our Creamie Army.  Help nominate us for Artvoice’s Best in Buffalo for the Best Blog.  This week we discussed everything from the crisis in Japan, to overzealous fans in the john to a special Viva Las Vegas announcement.

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CACP - #60 - If You Can’t Have a Cup of Tea Then You Can’t Suck Dick

If You Can’t Have a Cup of Tea Then You Can’t Suck Dick – What has this world come to?  People holding demonstrations at funerals, universities suspending students for having consensual sex, other universities where professors use vibrators on their fiancées in front of the class for extra credit, men driving their wives around on the hoods of their cars, Asians running around in Tony the Tiger costumes with co-workers chasing them with tranquilizer guns and none of this has anything to do with Charlie Sheen to boot.  Winning?

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CACP - #59 - Sugar Tits

Sugar Tits – In this week’s episode Marc declares his love for Sugar Tits and just in time the Brits perfect breast milk ice cream.  Mmm mmm good.  We discuss this year’s horrible Oscars Ceremony, Charlie Sheen’s spiral, start a new contest, and a war and finally, we make 2 big announcements.  First we have a new P.O. Box.  Who will be the first to stuff our box? And’ll just have to listen.

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