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Be careful what you wish for because you might just get it.  In this case we're talking about Christmas snow!  Joey and Wendy share their Holiday adventures and one of them ends as a real "barn burner", pardon the pun.

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Once again we presented our LIVE annual Christmas Spectacular on Pride 48.  From all of us to all of you, have a very Merry Christmas!

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Just seven more days of Christmas shopping left.  Avoid the hassle of the crowds and let Amazon do the work via the Cocktails and Cream Puffs link of course. 

This week we addressed the horrible tragedy that occurred this past Friday in Connecticut.  Let's hope in the New Year we can make our world a safer place.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and the community.

The second half of the show includes shop lifting, sex toys, birthday cake, cruising, and Christmas cookies.  Something for everyone!

If the Mayan Calendar is wrong and the end of the world does not occur on Friday, we will be having our LIVE Christmas Spectacular at 9pm EST on  If there are right, oh well.

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Admittedly this is a very strange episode.  It's a little over an hour long, apparently Joey's microphone has gone to shit, and we learn that Marc has never had a random hook up at a gym.  But more importantly you will be educated or re-educated after listening to this episode.  There are many things that we thought we knew and really didn't and I suspect some of you may also come to the same realization.  Thank you Matt for your knowledge. 

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Two radio dj's prank call and really bad impressions may have gone too far, or did they?  With Festivus quickly approaching Joey decided to get a head start and began the airing of the grievances in order to improve our quality.   By the way, he runs the sound board; please take notice of this episode's audio quality.  Just saying. 

Mariah rocks out with The Roots, a new stage production of The Sound of Music is coming to television, Killer Karaoke is deadly funny and congratulations to our first celebrity interview, Josh Kilmer Purcell from The Fabulous Beekman Boys and his partner Brent Ridge for winning The Amazing Race.

Time is ticking and soon they will be gone, be sure to order your limited edition Fuck Two Dollars t-shirt today.

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Cocktails and Cream Puffs presents our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide.  Regardless what you decided to give your loved ones this holiday season, make a memory. A memory AND a Limited Edition Fuck Two Dollars t-shirt

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For this episode, we decided to do something completely original and answered questions from our Creamies.  Perhaps you will learn something new and exciting about us.  Perhaps not.  Regardless, you'll learn to avoid dogs, name of Ralph.

Time is running out, be sure to order your limited edition Fuck Two Dollar T-Shirts for only $26 including shipping. 

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Upon a listener's request, we begin this episode discussing a controversial comic strip from a college newspaper.  Was it homophobic or are we missing the point?  Is it possible to be too fat to fly?  Is Chris Brown still a douche?  Did you order your limited edition F@ck Two Dollars t-shirt?

Also, Joey falls in love with 007 all over again, Marc gets a tree toper (not a sexual joke), and Wendy goes overboard with oral hygiene (ironically . again not a sexual joke).

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