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Thanks to Wendy’s hoarding, her record has finally been expunged.

Block parties, road trip nightmares, trapper keeper gowns, boredom of epic proportions and another Coach to the hoarding room.  Cryptic?  Guess you’ll just have to listen.

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Pride 48 is just around the corner which means making lists and packing, packing, packing and of course Joey’s gown is MIA.  Please keep your eyes open for a cow or other barn yard animals in sequins. 

This episode is filled to with listener voice mails…mostly Donna Suggarz and of course Wendy’s tantalizing tale of her weekend with the Griffins.

You too can join Donna and leave a message at 716-989-0189.

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The T in LGBT is taking center stage this week with new progressive laws in Germany and California taking center stage.  Australia may already be ahead of the curve.  What defines gender? 

The most important question of the week…Is Wendy pulling her weight?

Pride 48 is just around the corner, September 6th-8th at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip.  For more information visit  Remember to mail in your postcards for our big drawing at the LIVE Las Vegas show.

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With such a classy title, do you even need to know our discussion topics?  We’ll tell you anyway.  The Russian Olympic drama continues with no real end in sight.  We all need to show our solidarity.  Everyone take a page out of Amsterdam’s book.  To dance or not to dance that IS the question; father knows best and yes a phantom turd.

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This episode is all Aussie all the time!  We have Wendy’s stunningly attractive and charming nephew, Tim in studio as he makes a pit stop in Buffalo on his around the country tour.  Tim shares with us how this vacation of a lifetime is possible and his opinion of America. 

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With the sun going down we decided to light the tiki torches and do a second garden cast.

Gays have begun to boycott Russian vodka. Does this make a difference or is it just a waste of good booze?  Wendy goes to the movies and is consumed by “The Conjuring”, Gary does a gay poetry slam and Joey remembers his Aunt Dana.

A new postcard contest has begun and which ending to the show do you prefer?  Go to our Facebook page and vote.

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Season 8 is here and we decided to do something we have never done before…a LIVE broadcast from the garden.  Cream Puff changes, fabulous weeks and a challenge to help get Gary to Vegas.  Think of it as our very own kick starter.  If we don’t hit our goal all your money comes back.  How badly do you want Gary at the underwear party?

Be sure to check out for all up to date info about the Las Vegas 5th Anniversary Weekend.

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