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We're back Creamies for the 2020 Pride48 Weekend...maybe we'll stick around.

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With a new year dawning I've said goodbye to 3 influential forces in my life. RIP Florence Sodus, Jerry Mosey and Carol Channing.

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Black Jack 101, alone in a hotel room and 11 shows in 48 hours.

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We are back from the dead and easing back into the podcast. Recorded live to tape 10-8-18.

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Another older unreleased show...funky audio. Please join us for the LIVE Pride48 Weekend at 11pm ET on Friday June 22 on

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We're back and just in time for a Royal Wedding!

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Goodbye 2017, hello 2018! A laid back New Year.

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Wendy's receipt report, theatre talk, Pride48 NOLA and special guest appearance by the Fat One.

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Gym class, tax codes, theatre and inappropriate advances.

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Backlog: This episode is pre-Thanksgiving with special appearances by Joey's Mom and Taylor the Latte Boy of Pod is My Co-Pilot. 

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We're trying to get back to real time. Enjoy the journey.

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This week Joey's brother John joins the show.  What could possibly go wrong? Firearms never make good gifts and Mom loses it over cat food.

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It’s hot as balls in Buffalo so the air conditioner is ON in the studio. Puerto Rico is a mess. Thanks Trump. If I were a rich man and won the lottery I would…, and a new Star Trek. Is Star trek getting too sexy?

Broadway World Voting is still open at

for your consideration Best Actor in a Musical - Joey Bucheker for KILLER RACK.



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Wendy takes a leave from the show and we talk shit about her. Joey discusses his Indy Fringe adventures with Betsy Carmichael and Donna goes on a DATE. Stop the presses!

The Broadway World Regional Award - Please Vote for Best Actor in a Musical - Joey Bucheker for Killer Rack!

voting closes December 31.

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Summer theatre rehearsals are in full swing with Beauty and the Beast, Killer Rack and the Betsy Carmichael "Tour" dates.  Donna holds a successful meat raffle, and Joey eats his way thru New England.

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Wendy decided to do a somersault down the stairs and is now ready for Halloween.

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Wendy jumps back into the world of online dating!

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It's the day before the 4th of the 3rd of July. We discuss TV and Wendy's addictions and stuff.

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The title really says everything.  Enjoy!

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A discussion with playwright, Laila Ibrahim about her fantastic book, Living Right (available on Amazon). Also the Podcast Awards return. Please nominate Cocktails and Cream Puffs  for LGBTQ and People's Choice at today!

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It's the 9th Annual Pride48 Weekend and we introduce new Wendy and say good bye to old Wendy.

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Wonder Woman has hit the big screen, fulfilling the dreams of every gay comic fan boy in America! This we may all agree about however the colors of our symbol of equality and acceptance threatens to tear our community apart. Of course there is also the Babadook.

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Award shows, a crappy week, crazy people,  bickering and more on this week's episode of Cocktails and Cream Puffs.

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A new show is in rehearsal with deep Buffalo connections, more drama (of course) and Wendy prepares for some self love if you get my drift.  All of this and so much more on this episode of Cocktails and Cream Puffs.

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Joey went on a fabulous cruise to Mexico. Wendy had a "me day" including hair, nails and a man's advances and Donna isn't here. Paradise!

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It's Donna's Birthday Weekend and what is more gay than Broadway and the amazing Glenn Close!  But first, politics, Richard Simmons, the "first" non-bionary award and are gay bays afraid of mixers?

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Extortion, sniffles, wrong place at the wrong time, a KFC Crisis, NYC plans and the Redhead manifesto.

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Donna takes a Delta Sonic disco nap, Wendy explores a dating app, introducing Reuben, Felicity and Nova  and Joey is giving up swearing.

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Wendy gets a house call from the Cocktails and Cream Puffs, Chief Medical Officer and is educated on how to improve her diet.  Also, Joey and Donna took a day trip to Pittsburgh preparing for Betsy's Bingo Palace invasion of the PGH and were Joey and Toppie in a strip contest together?

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As we brace for the impending snow storm we decide to warm with our newest guilty pleasure….FEUD: Joan vs. Bette!

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Auditions, car troubles, phone etiquette and special guest, Taylor the Latteboy from The Taffy & Friends Show!

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We taped this so long ago that I barely remember what we talked about.  I know Wendy returned from rehab and it was post the drama at the Oscars.

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While Wendy is away visiting rehab facilities for possible admission in the fall, Donna and Joey discuss future cruising plans, mistaken identities, theatre talk and a new gender neutral dress code at work.  What could possibly go wrong?

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The Trump Administration may not be making America great but they sure as hell are doing wonders for SNL.  Also om this episode; make-up tips, sports gambling, adventures in cast parties and so much more.

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Joey is on special assignment so the gals broadcast from an undisclosed location 20,000 leagues under the sea.

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CACP - #401 - A Missed Milestone

Somehow we missed celebrating our 400th show.  Oh well.  This episode again was PTP (Pre Trump Presidency) when we didn't quite realize the circus it would become.  Thank God for Meryl at the Globes.  Now will someone please get her a stylist.

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CACP - #400 - Creamin in the New Year 2017

Our annual LIVE New Year's Eve Show....a month or so late.

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This episode was recorded on Boxing Day, the day after Christmas.  It was a happier time in an Obama America with far less protests, health care and Carrie Fischer.

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The Electoral College has made it official, Wendy has already started acting badly and we get a call from Judy in Oz.

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CACP - #397 - Yes Ma'am

The gang discusses getting tattoos, Wendy preps for surgery, Joey discusses opening a home for aging gays and we answer your questions!

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CACP - #396 - A Skanky Ass Pigeon

The election has just concluded and elections have consequences.  Donna discusses her Hawaiian vacation.  The Betsy Carmichael Christmas Special opens to rave reviews and we say good bye to Wendy’s amazing mother.  Rest in Peace Craggles.

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It's Halloween night and Wendy's house is clean-er.  Lots of laughs and so much more.

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CACP - #394 - A Dumpster of Dreams

This week Joey and Donna threw all of Wendy’s prized possessions into a dumpster.   That’s not code.  They really tossed her shit in a dumpster.  PS, it was not as fulfilling as one had hoped.  Also, Donna offers herself up to save the villagers, gay inducing drugs have hit the streets and spoiler alert, Glenn’s dead and it’s all Daryl’s fault.  All of this and more.

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CACP - #393 - Candy or Suggarz?

It's pre-Halloween and we discuss the greatest spooktacular comedy of all times, Elvira!  The premier of the First National Tour of Finding Neverland, TANYS Awards, censorship and is it Candy or Suggarz?

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CACP - #392 - Men Are Pigs

Political drama, boys telling tall tales, sexual allegations, American Horror Story and the origin of Mad Cow Disease.  Perfect pairing!

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CACP - #391 - Happy Bucheker Day!

Happy Bucheker Day!!!  Yes, it’s a real holiday just not a popular one.   This episode we break in a new international Siri, discuss Wendy’s upcoming surgery, some  of the fabulous shows we saw at The Chicago Fringe Festival and of course America’s fascination with sex in politics.

This episode was taped on October 3, 2016

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CACP - #390 - Apologies

This week we recap our trip to Chicago and performing Betsy Carmichael's BINGO Palace at the Chicago Fringe Festival.  RIP radio legend, Dr. Joy Browne.

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CACP - #389 - What Did You Say?

Another unreleased episode taped back in the last week of August right before Joey did the Tough Mudder.  Also, we are finally award WINNERS!


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We're back with an unreleased episode from early August.  Wendy and Joey are excited watching the Olympic and Donna is nowhere to be found.  Joey recreates the movie The Bodyguard and I'm sure Wendy did was a long time ago.

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CACP - #387 - Olympic Fever

The Olympics have started (yes we know when you hear this they are over but listen anyway), Orlando Bloom lets it all hangout, wedding drama and thank you for being a friend!

Check out Betsy Carmichael's Bingo Palace at

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CACP - #386 - Red Mulch

We're back for Season 14!  Donna has a premonition of an upcoming nuptial, Wendy drinks her dinner and Joey found this year's Garden Walk very exciting.   Creamies we are taking Betsy Carmichael's BINGO Palace to The Chicago Fringe Festival.  Please consider becoming a Patron and donating $5, $10 or more to our Indigogo Campaign ending Sunday.  If you can't donate please share.  Thank You.  

Click Here to Support Betsy's Indigogo

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CACP - #385 - Pokefever

Pokemon Go has invaded the world!  Perfect timing since we are going on vacation and preparing for or Chicago gig.   If you can help us out by being a Patron for Betsy Carmichael's Bingo Palace check out our Indigogo Campaign.  Any help is appreciated.  

We will be back LIVE on August 1st!



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CACP - #384 - Scandal

(This episode was previously recorded on June 27, 2016) This year's winners of the Podcast Awards were announces and SCANDAL!  It was the next Podgate...but not really.  Congrats to all the winners.  Game of Thrones teaches us a valuable life lessons and Joey takes Cersai as a life coach, BrExit, comedy classes, morning wood and more!

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CACP - #383 - Sniping

Our 2 week vacation from the show is nearing and the claws are already coming out.  The heat is wearing down our patience and tolerance of each other.  Thank God for the rain!  Oh yeah and Donna wants to join a militant queer group...the Pink Panthers.

Call us at 716-510-1267

Follow us on Facebook and tweet us at @creamies

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CACP - #382 - Pride48 Weekend 2016

Our recording of the 8th annual LIVE Pride48 Weekend show!  A lot of talking about nothing at all.

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CACP - #381 - Peace and Love

It's Gay Pride Month and this week brings great joy and tremendous sorrow in the wake of The Orlando Massacres.  We start the show with a brief discussion of the tragedy and the after math and then decided to go forward to happier times discussing Buffalo Pride Week and our night with some of the RuPaul's Drag Race girls. 

Pride wasn't all parades and celebrations.  It was a resistance movement.  We must continue to be out and proud and give love a chance.  PEACE and LOVE.

Join us for the LIVE Pride48 Weekend on Friday June 17th at 11pm ET at

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CACP - #380 - I'll Take Two

It's the final day to VOTE for the Podcast Awards.  Go to and VOTE Cocktails and Cream Puffs for GLBT now! 

This week's episode includes discussions of past Prides, Joey and Wendy's upcoming Buffalo's Funniest Person Contest, the tragic gorilla incident and more.

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CACP - #379 - The Birthday that Almost Wasn't

It's Wendy's Birthday and between a coma, illness and Windows 10, it almost didn't happen.  No matter a little Cookie Puss makes everything better.  In honor of this unlikely celebration we took live Creamie phone calls while discussing the newest and rawest reality show, The SexFactor.   Words truly fail me.  One must check it out for themselves....bring lube.  Also, Buffalo's Funniest contest, knowing when the party is over and another opening of another show.

Thanks to all of you we have been nominated for the 11th Annual People's Choice Podcast Awards.   Voting opens Sunday May 29th and it's daily.  Please VOTE Cocktails and Cream Puffs for GLBT daily at

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CACP - #378 - Black Coffee

This week Donna tells tales of her travels with Momma Suggarz, including a special meet and greet at the Big and Tall Warehouse.  Joey reviews, endorses and stocks up for Christmas a sex toy.  Stonehenge has come to the neighborhood and Wendy has been holding out on us.  All of this and more...


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CACP - #377  - Love You Mom

It's the day after Mother's Day and we have Momma Suggarz in the house!  The Cream Team all had a great day with their mothers except for one who didn't call.  If you can't get to mother, we bring mother to you.

Also, Craggles has a run in with a little person, Donna let's her aggression out, Wendy takes a school of fish to their limit and Joey discusses his cruise....a lot.  All of this and more on this episode of Cocktails and Cream Puffs!

If you have an answer to our "And Scene" segment, be sure to call us at 716-989-0189 with your guesses.

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CACP - #376 - Kick Him in the Nuts

Donna curses Joey as he is off cruising in Mexico and the studio equipment is not cooperating.  Our former Supreme Cream has been put out to pasture on a stud ranch.  Wendy shares her method of dog walking. Donna shares a secret recipe.  Talk of Ted Cruz sex tapes and Donna prepares for a ROAD TRIP of her own.

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CACP - #375 - Something Goes Squirt in the Night

Traveling with a diva cup is strongly frowned upon.  Be advised.   The celebrity deaths keep coming.  2016 - Year of Death.  Our first calls for our new segment, "And Scene" and Donna has urges!

Please remember to nominate us for GLBT for the Podcast Awards.  Nominations close the 30th.

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CACP - #374 - Election Fever

It's Primary season and everyone is losing their minds.   Wendy learns to never leave home without her cell phone and Joey and Donna open a new show!   Remember please nominate Cocktails and Cream Puffs for GLBT at

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CACP - #373 - Robin's Dead?

The Walking Dead finale....has left us speechless and with a case of blue balls of epic proportions.   Can we really wait until the autumn for pay off?  Donna and Joey give their thoughts on DC Comics, Batman v. Superman.  Wonder Woman is EVERYTHING, that is all anyone needs to know.   Anti-transgender bathroom laws are spiking up with the South and right minded businesses refuse to due business in those states and our new segment, "and scene".

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CACP - #372 - Road Head

Easter brunch was a blast with a New Orleans twist even though it was a dry celebration.  Donna's look went as follows, "Roll Back the Rock Realness".  We finally understand the meaning behind the spider tattoo.  Wendy tells us about one of her favorite things and why it requires a welding helmet and really shouldn't be done while she is operating a motor vehicle.  Donna has new wheels hereby christened, Maxine and The Walking Dead anxiety grows as the finale approaches.  All of this and more... 

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CACP - #371 - #Sodomite

We start of with a discussion of the current election circus.  Can anyone say send in the clowns?  Next we move on to an article that claims that Buffalo is the most homophobic city in the country.  Who's to blame? And will she admit to it?   Finally, the proper way to celebrate St. Paddy's Day.

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CACP - #370 - You're Not the Messiah

Where has Richard Simmons been? Is he really under the control of his housekeeper? Wendy was felt up at church as Donna dazzled audiences and Joey lost track of his clothes. Col. Sanders was topless whilst tossing fried chicken to bar patrons and Judge Judy is a-suin! All of this and more on this week's episode.


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CACP - #369 - Beating a Dead Black Horse

This week we are even gayer by adding showtunes!  Our review of the Oscars.  I understand why there were so many black presenters but having them present the white folk with their gold statues seems like they missed the point.  Joey remembers Mildred, Wendy got her groove back and Donna can't wait to kill Christ.

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An episode filled with sadness, loss, alcoholism, theatrics, blood, gore and a beautiful stranger!

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CACP - #367 - The Arctic Enema

*Previously Recorded Live*

It's a week of Joey and Wendy just having a gay old time.   Super Bowl has come and gone and Wendy doesn't understand why they chose Sunday this year.  Joey is preparing to go cruising with his Mom.  It sounds worse than it is.  Joey and Wendy discuss several potential and likely ways Joey will die this summer... and we say good bye to our beloved and feared, Princess.


If you want to be the next Supreme Cream, email us and tell us why

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A sketchy show with sketchy audio taped God knows how long ago.  David Bowie just died.  There's a time line.  Sketchy.

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CACP - #365 - Ladies Nite

It's LADIES NITE! Let's bring to the stage that sticky sweet drag diva, Donna Suggarz and Miss Jugs 1978, Wendy Cameron!

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CACP - #364 - Creamin'in the New Year 2016

Our 5th annual LIVE New Year's Eve broadcast.   This year we started late and had some minor technical issues...hopefully this does not set the standard for 2016.   We also had hot boys, so that's something!

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CACP - #363 - Freebasing Fabreze
Christmas has come and gone. We hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Donna entertains us with her travels home and back for the holiday.   The snow and rehearsals have started as we prepare (very loose term) for the 5th Annual Creamin’ in the New Year Broadcast! Also, we saw Star Wars!!! NO SPOILERS, just the experience.
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CACP - #362- Our Christmas Special?

This week's show has Christmas music and special guests, Mike Lawson and Joe Betance from the Catching Up Podcast.  It's not your typical Christmas special but it's pretty special!

Check out Mike and Joe at

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CACP - #361 - You're the Top!

Today we are joined by a special guest co-host, Toppie Smellie of THE SMELLCAST.  As usual this episode devolved into odd conversations includimg recreational drug use of our pasts.  DON"T DO DRUGS.   Also, Thanksgiving past, Christmas present, and Star Wars yet to come.

Check out Toppie's show at

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Wendy went back to work today and overdid things. Cocktails and Cream Puffs got a bad review and handled it like professionals. Someone got a penis transplant and Joey thinks we should all donate our penises as well as $25 to a Cambodian family.

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CACP - #359 - He's Not Seeing Anybody

Thanksgiving morning was perfection with everything running on schedule.  Food was prepared, workout was done, house was cleaned, Macy's Parade was on the T.V...then  it all took a turn and an exorcism became necessary.  This is the tale of the humming bird and the dying elephant.

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You can’t keep a good bitch down.  Wendy is finally back and ALIVE in studio!  Wendy recaps her American Horror Story style experience and a story that is destine to be added to Big Fatty’s “Shart Week”.  Also the amazing Mr. Stevie Wonder…In the Key of Life.  A night that will never be forgotten.

Be sure to do ALL your Holiday Shopping thru the Amazon link at Cocktails and Cream it’s a great way to support the show and it costs you nothing.

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Tonight's LIVE show was delayed because Joey and Donna just returned from  seeing the side splitting funny Queen of Mean, Bianca Del Rio in Rolodex of Hate.  A brilliantly funny show EVERYONE should go see.

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Donna has started testosterone shots and shares them with the class!

Black Friday is just around the corner.  Be sure to do all of your online shopping thru the Amazon link at

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Wendy is on the mend soon to be checked out of Shady Pines and in the meantime Judy (Australia's answer to Bernie Sanders) has moved into the Cream Puff Manor.   She cleaned my stove!  Can she just stay forever?  Also we had a simple BINGO cast dinner party and afterwards played Cards Against Humanity, once again proving that that the Koala does not fall far from the tree.

This episode is brought to you by FLESHJACK!  Tis the season to give the gift that keeps on giving.  Visit our site at and click the Fleshjack link for a special offer!



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CACP - #354 - Resurrection

We have returned from the dead...too soon?

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CACP - #353 - Apply Within

This episode was taped LIVE on Pride48 prior Wendy's surgery.  Wendy is on the mend.  Please keep her in your thoughts and don't get too uncomfortable with our dark comedy!

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CACP - #352 - Vegas After Glow

We have returned from the Pride48 Expo in Las Vegas and we have so many stories to tell!

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CACP - #351- The Roast

The Opening Show of the 2015 Pride48 Expo in Las Vegas. A Roast of Joey Bucheker!  Featuring:  Scott the Satyr (Satyrsphere), Adam Burns (Dubious Intent+), Donna Suggarz and Wendy Cameron (Cocktails and Cream Puffs), Taylor the Latte Boy (Pod is My Co-Pilot), Joe Betance (Catching Up) and Roast Master, Taffy Carlisle Huffington!

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CACP - #350 - You Hear That, Pod is My Co-Pilot?

Our LIVE episode at the Pride48 Expo 2015 at the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas!

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CACP - #349 - They Took Eveything

Sesame Street is heading to HBO!  Does this mean full frontal muppet nudity?  Who was your favorite Sesame Street character?  I know who Martha Stewart's isn't.

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CACP - #348 - Making Gay History

Today we discuss not judging a book by it's cover or more appropriately a movie by it's trailer.  What are your favorite scents and why?  Tests, tests and more tests and the Pride48 Las Vegas Expo is almost here!

Be sure to get Making Gay History by Eric Marcus available thru our Amazon link at

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CACP - #347 - Shame

Celebrity break ups, movie reviews and a listener generated discussion as old as time, sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me...or will they?

You still have time to enter the Pride48 Las Vegas EXPO raffle.  Check it all out at

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We’ve made it to season12 with only some minor bumps and bruises along the way.   Sure, we’ve lost a co-host or three along the way but that was to be expected.
We started this episode out on a sad note discussing the world’s outrage to the killing of Cecil the Lion.   To lighten things up we had our annual taste test for the new Lay’s Potato Chip flavors.   Which is your favorite?   The Pride48 Expo in Las Vegas is just around the corner go to to get in on the action in and out of Las Vegas and the results of the Hairspray auditions!
Remember Creamies for every $5 you donate you get a chance to win fabulous prizes from and don’t forget to bid on the CACP Ornament ...we are currently the lowest and that would just be embarrassing.
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CACP - #345 - It's Not All Parades and Festivals
We start off this week’s episode with a “choose your own adventure” that instantly became really dark, really fast.   Poor Wendy….    We also explore what defines a hate crime and why it’s not okay to ruin other people’s possessions.   Also, The Taste of Buffalo, mystery bruises, the Pride48 Las Vegas Expo and so much more!
Hey Creamies to help raise money for the Pride48 Las Vegas Expo there is currently an auction for fabulous hand painted ornaments.   Go over there and show some love for the Cocktails and Cream Puffs ornament.
And it’s not too late to join us in Las Vegas.   Go to and check out the great deals!
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CACP - #344 - Leave Paula Alone!

So much drama in the world.... Jared the Subway Guy has a in store stand in while the FBI checks out his computers, Pearl's necklace maker is released on the internet and 5 year old Paula Deen picture is retweeted and America once again chases her with pick axes and torches. "Oh, Beautiful..."

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CACP - #343 - Happy Birthday America

Our celebration of Independence Day complete with illegal fireworks and marshmallows...but no graham crackers.  No one was harmed in the making of this podcast...but pretty damn close.

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CACP - #342 - A Nation Divided

We are a nation divided; Republican/Democrat, gay/straight, North/South, Donna/Joey...however this week thanks to the Supreme Court of the United States we took a step closer to "Liberty and Justice for All".

This episode contains contains a large heated discussion about liberties and freedoms and where do we draw the line...if we draw a line at all?

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CACP - #341 - The Village idiot

Our broadcast fro the Pride48 LIVE Summer Event 2015! / Our broadcast fro the Pride48 LIVE Summer Event 2015!

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CACP - #340 - Where's Donna?

A stressful week trying to remount the tighter and brighter Betsy Carmichael's Late Nite Bingo.  Everything else is a blur.

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Post Buffalo Pride reflections, the Greek Festival and Donna's new found love, Wendy continues to find the worse tenants ever, car troubles, games shows and no good deed goes unpunished.  See, something for everyone!

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CACP - #338 - The Queen of Pride

It's Pride in Buffalo and what an amazing ever changing, ever growing, ever evolving experience it has become.  HAPPY PRIDE!

Music from this episode includes American Pie performed by Madonna, available thru our AMAZON link.

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CACP - #337  - The Worse Gay Ever

Special guest co-host, Corey aka "the worse gay ever" has returned for for his inquisition.   What could possible go wrong?  Plus our week's including Wendy's birthday, Kathy Griffin and the remake of Poltergeist.

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