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It’s another week of laughter, fun and, good times.  Tea pots, strippers, bounced checks, men in heels, and someone stuffed our box!  Sounds like a good weekend to me.

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Time Square, Central Park, NY Times Crossword Championship, Priscilla the Queen of the Desert, celebrity sightings, hot dogs…Joey and Wendy did it all and had the time of their lives in the Big Bad Apple.

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CACP - 115 - Tight as a Drum

This week is a mash up of the East Coast and the West Coast as Joey and Marc are joined by 2 fabulous guest co-hosts, the lovely Christina Hill of Greetings from Nowhere and the saucy and twisted, Scott aka Satyr69 of The Satyrsphere.  This installment is pure fun, giggles, and glee.  Who knows, you may learn something along the way.  Perhaps another purpose for butter!

This week's episode features the song Everybodys Girl from the musical Steel Pier available for download through the Amazon link at

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CACP - #114 - A, E, I, O, U, and Sometimes Wendy

The prodigal son, Wendy has returned and thus was showered with gifts and adoration.  Speaking of the prodigal son, we also had the resurfacing of former teen heart throb, Kirk Cameron and his “enlighten and progressive views” on homosexuality.  He was also showered but mostly with criticism from the Hollywood community

Marc has an emotional moment buying ice cream, Joey awakes in a zombie apocalypse and Wendy prepares to make her mark on the New York Times and we bid a fond farewell to Davy Jones of The Monkees.

The Semi-Finalists for “Who’ Wants to Be Capt. Cream Puff” have been announced along with their next challenge.  All I can say is “Don’t F@ck it up!”

This Saturday is the Cocktails and Cream Puffs Homofied Bowling Party!  Hope to see you all there.


Music in this episode includes Daydream Believer performed by Davy Jones available for mp3 download thru the Amazon link at





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CACP - #113 - Fallin' for Las Vegas

This week’s show comes to you from a fabulous suite high upon the 20th floor of The Palazzo overlooking the ever alive Las Vegas Strip. 

Freemont Street, Money Grab Monopoly slots, Frank Marino’s Divas, the Buffet of Buffets, Rome, Paris, Venice and grain alcohol slushes equal a pretty sweet vacation.

Music featured in this episode includes Lovely Las Vegas performed by Matt Goss

Please help support the show by clicking on the Amazon link at for all your shopping needs from MP3s to Slot Machines.  If you want it, it’s probably on Amazon!

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