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The simplest way to describe this episode is the chaotic ramblings of 4 lunatics with microphones.  This week we cover everything from our reactions to the death of hate monger Fred Phelps to Mr. Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon doing white face.  We also learn that you never know who will drop into the studio for a little visit.

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With so much drama in the world, a bit of levity was needed.  Since we couldn’t show you crazy cat videos on YouTube, we thought this could be the next best thing.

Back to reality…the Malaysian Airline Flight MH370 is still missing without a trace raising more questions than answers.  Was this a hijacking or just a plane crash?  Will we ever know?

The man who made himself the enemy of the LGBT community, Fred Phelps the excommunicated founder of the Westboro Baptist Church is on his death bed at the time of this recording.  How as a community should we react?  Do we turn the other cheek or do we do unto him as “he” would do unto us?

All of this and sooo much more!

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It’s St. Patrick’s Day in the Queen City and all hell is breaking loose in the Cocktails and Cream Puffs Studios.  Order must be restored.  This week we present an assortment of topics worthy of Whitman’s Sampler, including…good food, actual blizzards, rolling rims, job interviews and a one of the hottest celebrity sex lists we’ve ever seen!  Oh, and if that isn’t enough…we have a leprechaun too.


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Another baby born with HIV has been allegedly cured.  With medical science making daily advances…how far are we truly from a cure for all? 

This week Gary had the honor of helping a friend go to his eternal rest by sharing his gift of song.  Wendy has had a bad hair day for weeks now and is given a consultation and Donna experiences Buffalo Gay Bingo.

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Missing planes, Russian invasions, dead celebrity sex tapes and Chris Crocker of viral video "Leave Britney Alone" fame making another porn...Can this world endure much more tragedy?

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This week's special guest is the founder of the Skepchick blog and co-host of The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe podcast, Rebecca Watson.

Check out Rebecca at


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CACP - #250 - And the New Supreme Cream is...

It's a week of winners and losers kicked off with the Academy Awards, followed by our own Oscar pic winner and of course the crowning of the #1 Creamie for 2014.  Who is the next Supreme Cream???

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Hurricane Donna has finally arrived in Buffalo!!!  Cocktails and Cream Puffs will never be the same again.

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