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CACP - #58 - Twas the Night Before Easter

Twas the Night Before Easter – In this week’s installment Matt received the Barbie of his dreams, Joey’s TV movie has apparently been released, Marc shares his adventures in dating and Wendy is still perfecting catapulting her car over the ice into her driveway.  Or you can just skip all this crap and go straight to the lesson of the week which is don’t piss Mom off or she’ll put your shit on eBay.

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CACP - #57 - You Were Born This Way, So Express Yourself –

You Were Born This Way, So Express Yourself – This week the boys talk about Madonna’s, I mean Lady Gaga’s new song as performed on the Grammy and a local hot Congressman posting his naughty pics on Craigslist.  Also Joey rants about BINGO, Marc was rear-ended, and Matt just can’t take a compliment.  All of this and more including the winner of our Creamie Contact Contest.

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CACP - #56 - They Said it Would Never Last

They Said it Would Never Last – It’s hard to believe that a full year has gone by since our first show.  What’s even more astonishing is that after all the triumphs, trials and tribulations that we are still here, or speaking to each other for that matter!

This week we discuss our Homofied Bowling Party, the Grammys, the return of Dallas, what not to call 911 for, the shocking behavior of Japanesse parents, and of course Christina Aguilera’s rendition of the Star Spangle Banner.

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CACP - #55 - Balls to You!

Balls to You  - The Boys are Back and ready to kick off Season 3. This week they moved into their new studio, shared their hiatus adventures and Joey has a very important message to a very special Creamie.

Also Charlie Sheen is back in rehab again, Cousin Geri is gay, and Lady Gaga is working on a new perfume fragrance that can best be described as date rape!


The musical selections from this episode include

Bad Romance performed by Lady Gaga and Endless Love performed by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross


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