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CACP - #348 - Making Gay History

Today we discuss not judging a book by it's cover or more appropriately a movie by it's trailer.  What are your favorite scents and why?  Tests, tests and more tests and the Pride48 Las Vegas Expo is almost here!

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CACP - #347 - Shame

Celebrity break ups, movie reviews and a listener generated discussion as old as time, sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me...or will they?

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We’ve made it to season12 with only some minor bumps and bruises along the way.   Sure, we’ve lost a co-host or three along the way but that was to be expected.
We started this episode out on a sad note discussing the world’s outrage to the killing of Cecil the Lion.   To lighten things up we had our annual taste test for the new Lay’s Potato Chip flavors.   Which is your favorite?   The Pride48 Expo in Las Vegas is just around the corner go to to get in on the action in and out of Las Vegas and the results of the Hairspray auditions!
Remember Creamies for every $5 you donate you get a chance to win fabulous prizes from and don’t forget to bid on the CACP Ornament ...we are currently the lowest and that would just be embarrassing.
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