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Podcasting under the influence is never recommended but here goes nothing.  Ever want to reach out and touch someone?  Now you can with remote control underwear you can.  Ryan Lochte has his own reality show!  What are we doing wrong?  Also, sex in space, big cats in little bathrooms, sexy thumb sucking and an apology.

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This week's LIVE show opened with a discussion about the kill and capture of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects and how this event had brought out the very best and the very worst in people.

Also, Wendy has a little problem, Rex (aka Upward Kitty) has a blood lust, Marc breaks another heel and Joey gets a wrong number. 

If you take nothing else from this episode, please don't cook with diet soda.  The more you know.

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New commercials possibly too crude for TV, to brassiere or not to brassiere, a touching and all too familiar coming out story and always ask before snapping a picture of that magnificent beaver.

Music from this episode includes "Otto Titsling" from Beaches available thru our Amazon link for download.

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We received 2 mystery packages over the weekend in the P.O. Box labeled "Happy Easter"...What could possibly go wrong?  Also, car troubles, our new website is launched and Kitty Kat Update.

This episode was recorded LIVE on Pride 48 hours after the Boston Marathon Bombing.  At the time of this recording the facts were limited.  Our hearts and thoughts go out to the victims and their families of the horrific act of terror.

Please help Cocktails and Cream Puffs as we Walk a Mile in Her Shoes to prevent rape and gender violence.  Every dollar helps.

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Marc and Matt are back but this time Joeys gone...people are going to start talking.  After minor technical difficulties we find out what the boys have been up to and Wendy has a new man in her life.

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This week Joey and Wendy desperately try to bring the funny in the absence of co-hosts, Marc and Matt.  All serious discussion was left at the door.    

A Tim Horton's "Roll Up the Rim" rant, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, IF... and a ground breaking tool to wipe your ass.

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