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This episode includes way too much information about the 1980’s series, DALLAS.  If you were a fan you’ll love it, if you have no clue what the f#@k I’m talking about, it will be an education.  Never fear, we also discuss the history making Niagara Falls crossing, wine tours, sex toys, and the importance of the buddy system.

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CACP - #128 - No Credibility

It always goes back to Madonna, doesn’t it?  As is “typical” on a gay podcast this week we discussed weight loss, theatre awards, battling Divas and, pink nuts (you’ll have to listen to understand).  Most importantly we announced the first ever CAPTAIN CREAM PUFF!
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The triumphs, trials, and tribulations of this year’s Pride in the Queen City.  To make up for Mother Nature kicking our ass and our tent, we received fabulous, heartfelt gifts from the “Orient”. 

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With the continuing computer drama, we are one week behind on our show posts but will get back on track this week!  This episode is a week old but still a great time.  We have our first actual zombie attack, Wendy talked with Craggles, and the boys were all nominated for Artie Awards!

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