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For the final episode of Season 7 we had a merriment of guests including Broadway legend Carol Channing, Betsy Carmichael and HM Queen Elizabeth II.  Of course, the topics were just as diverse including stories of past Presidents, fat Mexicans, the Royals, old chicken feet and everything in between.

Please, go to: to nominate Carol Channing to be the recipient of the Kennedy Center Honor Award.

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The heat wave continues in the Cream City.  Be considerate in the meantime and get a pair of new scented underwear.  You're co-workers will thank you. 

Asian names were incorrectly reported after the Asiana plane crash.  Good joke, bad timing or just plain racism?  Russia outlaws all gay activities.  Will the Winter Olympics be safe for the Gay Olympians or should Team USA pull out?  Finally, we say goodbye to a young actor who left his mark on a generation.  RIP Corey Monteith.

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 Another show about nothing.  Wendy nearly over heats, Gary is put on the spot to perform, Joey workshops a game plan for his future appearance on Big Brother, the studio's for sale and calls from Hawaii.

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You wanted a lively show?  Well, you got it!  Cleveland's largest pride celebration was interrupted by a pack of fallen angels, Wendy and Joey fought, the Weiner debates continue, CBS stepped up it's game and Wendy and Joey fought.

Please consider becoming an organ donor.  Your gift could change someone's life forever.

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 It's the big 200th episode!!!  This week we discuss Toronto Pride and how it may be the American Pride of the future.   We also explain the ins and outs of the "bath house", Wendy's boobs and Gary's newest musical project.

And what exactly does LGBTIQQ2SA stand for anyway?

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We're #2 and proud of it!  Cocktails and Cream Puffs was rank #2 Gay Comedy Podcast by  We thank you for your recognition.

This week we discuss everything from Big Brother to the historical rulings from the US Supreme Court and everything in between. 

As we approach episode 200 we want to thank everyone for their constant support over the years.  When this show was born none of us could have dreamed the world of equality and acceptance we are living in now.  THANK YOU!

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