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CACP - #336 - The Next Generation

This week we are joined by guest co-host, Corey Beiber.   Corey demonstrates how different the next generation is and how perhaps we need a few herstory lessons!

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CACP - #335 - Friends to the North

Birthday Celebrations, road trips, voice mails, abandoned property and food!

Please help Betsy as she Rides for Roswell to raise funds and awarness for cancer research

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CACP - #334 - Gesundheit

Donna and Wendy "shoot the shit", talking about everything from new theatrical Donna and Wendy "shoot the shit", talking about everything from new theatrical projects to celebrity news to bad knees and allergies.....and they take questions from the chat room!

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CACP - #333 - Long Island Iced Teas

Donna's booze filled birthday happened...and I'm too old to do that more than once a year.   We have a new Princess and the Supreme Court hears the case on marriage equality.

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CACP  - #332 - DragMyCity

It is a drag filled episode starting with the closing of Betsy Carmichael's Late Nite BINGO...or is it?  Due to popular demand, we're bringing Betsy back in June!

The Kinky Boots tour has come thru Buffalo and it was outstanding.  Just ask Donna.

Finally, we had a special guest this week..the fabulous drag diva, Sutton Lee Seymour took a moment out of her busy schedule as showgirl in NYC to tell us about the brand new app, DragMyCity.  Picture Grindr for Drag without the sex.  This is a must have for everyone!

To learn more about the app visit

Music from this episode includes Suddenly, Seymour from Little Shop of Horrors available for purchase thru our AMAZON LINK

For all you Creamie needs visit

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