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CACP – RB2 – Hey Baby!   This week is an unexpected re-run  of episode #35 due to the fact that after taping a fabulous show, the Creamie Computer hard drive exploded.  We will be back next week with a brand new episode and we want to thank you for making us a nominee for Artvoice’s Best of Buffalo, “Best Blog”.  This episode was collectively our favorite and is a rollercoaster ride.  It may start out slow but then takes off like a rocket.  The hot topic this week is Marc’s trip in the magical mystery van.  Married or crazy?  You be the judge.  Lindsay Lohan’s going back to the clink, new Glee guest star revealed and Mariah Carey is angled to perfection.   


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Music in this week’s episode includes:

Some People from Gypsy performed by Patti LuPone

The Art of the Possible performed by the Original 1979 Broadway Cast of Evita

Meadowlark performed by Patti LuPone


All selections are available on through our Amazon link.


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CACP - #67 - Rapture for Dummies

Rapture for Dummies - With all of the obvious signs that the end of the world is quickly approaching…What signs? Earthquakes, tornados, birds falling from the sky, dead sea lions, individuals bursting into flames in porn stores….need I continue?  Well, if you do believe we want you to be prepared so we have put together a check list of must have items including but not limited to tools to distil water (see Marc), a horse, dog poop insurance, tim tams, a double p dildo, a tub of boy butter (I am sure the Rapture is like the lines at an amusement park, hurry up and wait, boy butter helps the time pass) and do not offer to play JC Gaga’s new song.  I tend to think it’s still a bone of contention between them.  Wouldn’t it be a kick in the ass if the Rapture is like that movie Signs and they avoid the water?  This would mean Matt at his lake house is safe.  Well, I’ll be goddamned, literally.

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Kids Drink Free - #66 We’re back bitches. Joey is still yammering on about his perfect Atlantis vacation. Marc is still in a relationship. Is this good for the future of the show? Matt returned to the land of his birth and played an icebreaker game with 2 former acquaintances. Mariah and Nick Carey have decided to start screwing up their kids early and Apple Bee’s launched its new Kiddies Cocktail menu. All of this and more plus a PO Box surprise!

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Part 2 of Joey's vacation aboard the fabulous Serenade of the Sea, visiting St Lucia, Aruba, Curcia, and St. Maarten.  With Atlantis specialguest performer Alan Cumming.

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Vacation Part 1: Puerto Rico - Joey's Atlantis Gay Cruise has finally arrived (and gone).  His fabulous vacation has been charted in mini episodes recorded on location aboard the Serenade of the Seas and begins on the gorgeous Island of Puerto Rico.  Pay attention you may learn something and there will be a quiz at the end!

The Cream Puffs will be back to "regular" episodes next Thursday, April 14th.

Music from this episode includes America from West Side Story

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