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CACP - #365 - Ladies Nite

It's LADIES NITE! Let's bring to the stage that sticky sweet drag diva, Donna Suggarz and Miss Jugs 1978, Wendy Cameron!

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CACP - #364 - Creamin'in the New Year 2016

Our 5th annual LIVE New Year's Eve broadcast.   This year we started late and had some minor technical issues...hopefully this does not set the standard for 2016.   We also had hot boys, so that's something!

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CACP - #363 - Freebasing Fabreze
Christmas has come and gone. We hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Donna entertains us with her travels home and back for the holiday.   The snow and rehearsals have started as we prepare (very loose term) for the 5th Annual Creamin’ in the New Year Broadcast! Also, we saw Star Wars!!! NO SPOILERS, just the experience.
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CACP - #362- Our Christmas Special?

This week's show has Christmas music and special guests, Mike Lawson and Joe Betance from the Catching Up Podcast.  It's not your typical Christmas special but it's pretty special!

Check out Mike and Joe at

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