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Part 2 of our Broadway Weekend...Bette Midler, Christine Ebersole and  Patti LuPone, Oh my!

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With all the deaths in 2016 we decided to take a sick twist and use it for show content. If we just did this one week earlier there would be points on the board with Mary Tyler Moore.  Also Wendy's wig is a fright, another opening another show and Betsy is going back on the road to Pittsburgh!

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As the old saying goes, “everyone’s a critic” especially when it comes to art but did the British art student who planned to lose his virginity just play the media for publicity or did he get cold…feet?

Late Night has a new host but does anyone actually know the real Colbert?

Our views on the RuPaul‘s Drag Race controversy.  We discuss the differences between drag queens and transgender individuals. 

SPOILER ALERT…Joey gave away the details of the Game of Thrones “Purple Wedding”…by now anyone who cares surely knows.

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Unexpectedly an asteroid appeared, becoming dangerously close to hitting the Earth.  If you knew that impact was inevitable what would you do?  For example Gary would spend time with his family, Wendy would cuddle with her dog (aka a Saturday) and Joey would host an orgy and handcuff Gary to a sling, with Wendy of course handing out lube and paper towels.  But alas, we were spared. 

Also discussions of “the Facebook  Killer”, is this actually a rare female serial killer or just a nut job out for attention?  The Kansas anti-gay bill promoting segregation and intolerance for a better America!?!

Joy Behar, Valentine’s Day and the candidates for the Supreme Cream present their commercials.


Support Buffalo's AIDS Walk and consider walking or donating to a worthy cause.

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NaPodPoMo13 - Day 4 - 1982

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NaPodPoMo 2013 - Day 3 - 1981

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We are joined this week by a returning guest co-host, Gary Andrews-Stieglitz.  Some of you may remember Gary as the lead singer of Kamikaze Ltd, or perhaps as Matt's love interest in Recovery Mode or as the victim of Wendy's Colt 44.  Regardless, he's back and is pursuing a new calling.  

Congrats to the people of Minnesota for securing their place in history becoming the 12th state to stand for equality.

For more about Gary, check out his Facebook page

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This week we get another adventure from the "I Love Nicky" show, Joey is stressed with the world, and Wendy chats with mother.  There is nothing like a good comedy roast to brighten your day.  Hmmm, Pride 48 Roast anyone?

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