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CACP - #54 - Creamin in the New Year 2011

Creamin in the New Year 2011 - This bonus episode was originally presented LIVE on on December 31, 2010 - New Years Eve (Joey's Birthday too). 

Join us next week for the kick off of 3rd Season and our 1 year anniversary.

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A Little Look Back in Time - As the 1st anniversary quickly approaches and with the Cream Puffs on vacation, we present to you Cocktails and Cream Puffs - Episode 1.

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CACP - #53 - A Quiet Thing

It’s a Quiet Thing – In this final episode of the 2nd Season, Marc makes a shocking proclamation…if his pants are off, he plans on getting off! Where could we possibly go from here? You’ll just have to find out.

Music in this episode includes It’s a Quiet Thing performed by Liza Minnelli available on iTunes.

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CACP - #52 - Will the Real Matt Please Stand

Will the Real Matt Please Stand – This week the full play adaption of Matt’s spoken word piece, Recovery Mode is opening in Sacramento, CA.  So we are joined by the fabulous playwright Matthew Burlingame of Spanking Bea Arthur who adapted Recovery Mode and by the new Matt Crehan Higgins, Michael Hedges.

If in the Sacramento Area be sure to check out Recovery Mode presented by the Lambda Players  

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