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Another older unreleased show...funky audio. Please join us for the LIVE Pride48 Weekend at 11pm ET on Friday June 22 on

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We're back and just in time for a Royal Wedding!

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Goodbye 2017, hello 2018! A laid back New Year.

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Wendy's receipt report, theatre talk, Pride48 NOLA and special guest appearance by the Fat One.

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Gym class, tax codes, theatre and inappropriate advances.

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Backlog: This episode is pre-Thanksgiving with special appearances by Joey's Mom and Taylor the Latte Boy of Pod is My Co-Pilot. 

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We're trying to get back to real time. Enjoy the journey.

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This week Joey's brother John joins the show.  What could possibly go wrong? Firearms never make good gifts and Mom loses it over cat food.

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It’s hot as balls in Buffalo so the air conditioner is ON in the studio. Puerto Rico is a mess. Thanks Trump. If I were a rich man and won the lottery I would…, and a new Star Trek. Is Star trek getting too sexy?

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Wendy takes a leave from the show and we talk shit about her. Joey discusses his Indy Fringe adventures with Betsy Carmichael and Donna goes on a DATE. Stop the presses!

The Broadway World Regional Award - Please Vote for Best Actor in a Musical - Joey Bucheker for Killer Rack!

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