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CACP - #361 - You're the Top!

Today we are joined by a special guest co-host, Toppie Smellie of THE SMELLCAST.  As usual this episode devolved into odd conversations includimg recreational drug use of our pasts.  DON"T DO DRUGS.   Also, Thanksgiving past, Christmas present, and Star Wars yet to come.

Check out Toppie's show at

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Wendy went back to work today and overdid things. Cocktails and Cream Puffs got a bad review and handled it like professionals. Someone got a penis transplant and Joey thinks we should all donate our penises as well as $25 to a Cambodian family.

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CACP - #359 - He's Not Seeing Anybody

Thanksgiving morning was perfection with everything running on schedule.  Food was prepared, workout was done, house was cleaned, Macy's Parade was on the T.V...then  it all took a turn and an exorcism became necessary.  This is the tale of the humming bird and the dying elephant.

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You can’t keep a good bitch down.  Wendy is finally back and ALIVE in studio!  Wendy recaps her American Horror Story style experience and a story that is destine to be added to Big Fatty’s “Shart Week”.  Also the amazing Mr. Stevie Wonder…In the Key of Life.  A night that will never be forgotten.

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Tonight's LIVE show was delayed because Joey and Donna just returned from  seeing the side splitting funny Queen of Mean, Bianca Del Rio in Rolodex of Hate.  A brilliantly funny show EVERYONE should go see.

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Donna has started testosterone shots and shares them with the class!

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Wendy is on the mend soon to be checked out of Shady Pines and in the meantime Judy (Australia's answer to Bernie Sanders) has moved into the Cream Puff Manor.   She cleaned my stove!  Can she just stay forever?  Also we had a simple BINGO cast dinner party and afterwards played Cards Against Humanity, once again proving that that the Koala does not fall far from the tree.

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CACP - #354 - Resurrection

We have returned from the dead...too soon?

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CACP - #353 - Apply Within

This episode was taped LIVE on Pride48 prior Wendy's surgery.  Wendy is on the mend.  Please keep her in your thoughts and don't get too uncomfortable with our dark comedy!

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CACP - #352 - Vegas After Glow

We have returned from the Pride48 Expo in Las Vegas and we have so many stories to tell!

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