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Cocktails and Cream Puffs - #17 - All My Single Creamies!

All My Single Creamies!  The Tenacious Trio is back again for another adventure.  Marc has been liberated from his captor and is back!  The boys celebrate that they are now in re-runs and syndication on   Joey had Scarlet’s fine food at Scarlet, Marc has been nominated for an Artie Award, and Matt has been unfriended by a former trick on Facebook.


The artist formerly known as Courtney Love finger blasts and tells, Lindsay Lohan puts jail in layaway, Liza performs Single Ladies as only Liza can for Sex and the City 2, and Nicolette Sheridan has sour (Marc) Cherrys.


What does a chia-pet, Uncle Ben, and women’s foundation garments have in common?  They are all ingredients for the perfect Asian News of the Week.


Throughout this episode Joey and Marc partook in an adult beverage and Joey became drunk.  Enjoy!


Music in this episode includes:

Single Ladies performed by Liza Minnelli from the Sex and the City 2 album, available on iTunes.


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