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Cocktails and Cream Puffs - #25 - You Get What You Pay For!

You Get What You Pay For!  This episode is the Season One Finale of Cocktails and Cream Puffs (however you will get 2 new special episodes while we are on vacation).  In just 24 weeks this podcast went from being just a dream to a reality heard in 35 states and 14 countries around the world!  We are grateful for all our Creamies who took a chance on us.  Thank you! 

This week for your enjoyment we are joined by the always sassy and witty, Naughty Nanny Wendy and briefly by our musical guest, Gary Andrews and of course we are celebrating with actual cocktails and cream puffs!

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If you like what you hear, please consider going to our website and making a small donation of $2 towards Season Two.  Remember... You Get What You Pay For!

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