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Cocktails and Cream Puffs - #22 - Sex and the Queen City

Sex and the Queen City!  You asked for it Creamies and we're putting out.  In this week's episode the boys each share a best sex story from their colorful pasts.  Is it warm in here?  Pride 48 is almost here!  The Cream Puffs announce that in addition to their Big LIVE show at 11:59pm EST on Friday June 25th, they are also doing a 2nd LIVE show at 6am EST on Sunday, June 27th (UK, Australian, and New Zealand listeners?).  Please join us for the LIVE show(s) by going into the chat room at and interacting with us.  We are excited and scared shitless.  We need you!

P.S. Marc's Birthday is tomorrow.  Nudie pictures will be accepted in lieu of gifts.

For more information check out our new website at

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