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Cocktails and Cream Puffs - #20 - The Fabulous Beekman Boy!

The Fabulous Beekman Boy!  In this episode we are thrilled to interview the New York Times bestselling author, Josh Kilmer-Purcell.  Josh began his career in New York City as a marketing executive by day and the glamorous drag queen, Aqua by night.  These experiences produced the extraordinary memoir, "I’m Not Myself Theses Days".   Since his days as Aqua he took a turn at a fabulous fiction novel, "Candy Everybody Wants" and just this month his third book has come out "The Bucolic Plague", sure to be another best seller.  This book tells of his current life with his partner Dr. Brent Ridge as they trade in the city life to run a goat farm.  Yes a goat farm!  To take it a step further they are also the stars of their own reality TV show on Planet Green, "The Fabulous Beekman Boys."   What’s next for Josh, Dancing with the Stars?  The NASA space program?  With Josh, the sky’s the limit!

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