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CACP - #70 - The Other Middleton

The Other Middleton - We’re 70 girls, 70!  This week we discover that Pippa is not the only hottie sibling on the Duchess of Cambridge, there is also a sexy brother who likes to walk around and be photographed.  In a word, perfect but enough about his ass.  Also this week, Joey breaks another computer and shreds a puppet for its lack luster audition, Marc experiences the movie Funny Girl and Matt ponders why straight fat guys are hot.  Remember if the Rapture does not occur, Naughty Nanny Wendy’s Birthday is May 24th.  Show her your love and send her a card.  Visit for all our contact info.

Music from this week’s episode includes So Long Dearie from Hello, Dolly! Performed by Barbara Streisand.

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