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CACP - #35 - Hey Baby!

Hey Baby! - #35  This week’s episode is a rollercoaster ride.  It may start out slow but then takes off like a rocket.  The hot topic this week is Marc’s trip in the magical mystery van.  Married or crazy?  You be the judge.  Lindsay Lohan’s going back to the clink, new Glee guest star revealed and Mariah Carey is angled to perfection.  Also Patti LuPone’s Memoir has stolen out hearts.  Get it now on audio book for free from audible at


Music in this week’s episode includes:

Some People from Gypsy performed by Patti LuPone

The Art of the Possible performed by the Original 1979 Broadway Cast of Evita

Meadowlark performed by Patti LuPone


All selections are available on iTunes.


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