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CACP - #375 - Something Goes Squirt in the Night

Traveling with a diva cup is strongly frowned upon.  Be advised.   The celebrity deaths keep coming.  2016 - Year of Death.  Our first calls for our new segment, "And Scene" and Donna has urges!

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CACP - #374 - Election Fever

It's Primary season and everyone is losing their minds.   Wendy learns to never leave home without her cell phone and Joey and Donna open a new show!   Remember please nominate Cocktails and Cream Puffs for GLBT at

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CACP - #373 - Robin's Dead?

The Walking Dead finale....has left us speechless and with a case of blue balls of epic proportions.   Can we really wait until the autumn for pay off?  Donna and Joey give their thoughts on DC Comics, Batman v. Superman.  Wonder Woman is EVERYTHING, that is all anyone needs to know.   Anti-transgender bathroom laws are spiking up with the South and right minded businesses refuse to due business in those states and our new segment, "and scene".

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CACP - #372 - Road Head

Easter brunch was a blast with a New Orleans twist even though it was a dry celebration.  Donna's look went as follows, "Roll Back the Rock Realness".  We finally understand the meaning behind the spider tattoo.  Wendy tells us about one of her favorite things and why it requires a welding helmet and really shouldn't be done while she is operating a motor vehicle.  Donna has new wheels hereby christened, Maxine and The Walking Dead anxiety grows as the finale approaches.  All of this and more... 

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CACP - #371 - #Sodomite

We start of with a discussion of the current election circus.  Can anyone say send in the clowns?  Next we move on to an article that claims that Buffalo is the most homophobic city in the country.  Who's to blame? And will she admit to it?   Finally, the proper way to celebrate St. Paddy's Day.

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CACP - #370 - You're Not the Messiah

Where has Richard Simmons been? Is he really under the control of his housekeeper? Wendy was felt up at church as Donna dazzled audiences and Joey lost track of his clothes. Col. Sanders was topless whilst tossing fried chicken to bar patrons and Judge Judy is a-suin! All of this and more on this week's episode.


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CACP - #369 - Beating a Dead Black Horse

This week we are even gayer by adding showtunes!  Our review of the Oscars.  I understand why there were so many black presenters but having them present the white folk with their gold statues seems like they missed the point.  Joey remembers Mildred, Wendy got her groove back and Donna can't wait to kill Christ.

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An episode filled with sadness, loss, alcoholism, theatrics, blood, gore and a beautiful stranger!

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CACP - #367 - The Arctic Enema

*Previously Recorded Live*

It's a week of Joey and Wendy just having a gay old time.   Super Bowl has come and gone and Wendy doesn't understand why they chose Sunday this year.  Joey is preparing to go cruising with his Mom.  It sounds worse than it is.  Joey and Wendy discuss several potential and likely ways Joey will die this summer... and we say good bye to our beloved and feared, Princess.


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A sketchy show with sketchy audio taped God knows how long ago.  David Bowie just died.  There's a time line.  Sketchy.

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