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Tenants, landlords and BINGO!

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It's like the old show biz saying...never give the money back!  Instead we put on a show and it's been a wild ride!

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Cease and Desist would also be the title of this if it was a wacky 80's comedy.  Unfortunately, it's all real and happening.

Also... Joey final finishes discussing NYC, Indiana discrimination and racism....oh yeah, Happy Easter!

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Joey is back but Donna Suggarz is MIA.   Still the show must go on...mostly because we can't report a missing drag queen for at least 48 hours.

Joey discusses some of his NYC adventures including seeing the brilliant Dave Letterman, Wendy is up to her ankles in dog shit and there was something in the PO BOX!

Music from this episode includes That's Life performed by Alan Cumming, available on Amazon.

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It's still just the girls...they answer your questions and take the Supreme Cream quiz.

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It's still just the girls...they answer your questions and take the Supreme Cream quiz.

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Donna and Wendy decided to throw a party that could rival Animal House while Joey's away in NYC.  They are having way too much fun!

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Joey discusses his invasion plans on the Big Apple and the journey to the Supreme Cream is almost over!

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Donna and Wendy take over the show and get sassy!  Discussing everything from rim rolling to seasonal depression, with laughter and wit the entire way.  That is until the gods of podcasting decided they were having way too much fun and put a screeching halt to it.

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Madonna took a cringe inducing fall on live television and then like any wonder woman would do, got right back up and continued performing once again reminding us why she is better than us.

-    Leonard Nimoy, the actor known world-wide as Star Trek’s Spock has died.
-    Two more candidates have been eliminated from the running for Supreme   Cream.
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